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10 Tools You Need to Get Started Writing (8017 hits)

Take time to get organized with the tools you need to write your book at or
away from home. We spend countless hours searching for lost items. You do not
want to lose any time while working on your book. Getting organized ahead of time
will help you finish writing and get published faster.

1. Find a motivational statement, picture, or object to help you while you are writing.
2. Create a storage place for all of your relevant book materials.
3. Load Microsoft Word or another word processing software on your computer to type in.
4. Buy a 3 ring binder to use as your book file.
5. Buy manila folders to separate your loose writing material and papers you may collect.
6. Buy computer disks to save your work on.
7. Get plenty of note cards to write down ideas for your book.
8. Have a notebook to take with you when you work on your book away from home.
9. Buy highlighters in multiple colors to help you identify facts in articles/books that you use.
10. Have plenty of pens handy

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Posted By: Pam Perry
Wednesday, October 28th 2009 at 5:38PM
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