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Focus on What YOU Want (YOU GOTTA BE HUNGRY) Les Brown (8533 hits)


Usually I suggest to clients that they focus on what they do want and not on what they donít want however although itís important to know what you do want itís also important to know what you donít want in life/business.

Knowing this clearly is very important to your standing and values in life.

Do you have clearly defined boundaries?

Do you come from a place of integrity? If you say youíre going to be somewhere or do something do you follow through?

Are you taking care of yourself or do you say yes to everyone else even when you want to say no?

Do you take responsibility when something happens that could have been avoided or do you throw it back on the other person and get defensive?
Are you acting instead of re-acting to life in general?

If you can honestly, without fudging say yes to all of the above then you and your values are in a great place. If you say no to any of them you probably still have some work to do and you need to become more consciously aware of your behavior so you have a way to create new habits.

There are no rights or wrongs yet we can live life differently if we pay attention to those things that are not working for us and make little changes.

Pam Perry, PR coach

Posted By: Pam Perry
Tuesday, November 3rd 2009 at 9:54AM
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