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THE JOKES ON YOU (771 hits)

Haugh Haugh I am walking on street of gold
Did you know Jesus Christ done saved my soul
Iím swinging up here on golden stairs
And on my mind there is not even a care
So State of Georgia the jokes on you
Those pearly gates I just went through
Having blessed drinks with Father Abraham
Told Mother Mary thank you mam
I asked her to tell Jesus to please pray for me
And I praise God that I am free
Now you may think that this part is funny
But excuse me while I eat a little milk and honey
After I closed my eyes and went to sleep
Then I asked the Lord my soul to keep
And guess what yawl I did not come here by myself
But on each side I had some help
There were a couple of escorts that looked just like Gabriel
The next thing I knew I was at the feet of the Savior
I said oh Lord God please forgive
Iím so sorry for the life I lived
He said my child Iíve already forgave
Itís just like in my word I said
Iíve erased your name and you are not dead
I heard you before you started to pray
Saints donít die they just sleep away
I could have been rotting in that cold cold jail
With lousy food and a dirty cell
Waiting for visits that were few and in between
Being cursed out and treated so mean
But instead my Father knew what was best
He took me home and gave me rest
Donít cry my sister and family
It will be soon you can come to me
For the Master has the key
It want be long and you will see
The trumpets going to sound so loud
And the saints will rise from the ground
And forever with our God we will be
Just the Father The son and The Holy Ghost make three
I forgive you now for what youíve done
You just put me in the hands of the Son
And I pray that you one day will come
And be kept free from all hurt and harm
With All My Love And Forgiveness
Troy Davis
ďI will save a seat for youĒ
elaine taylorbrown

Posted By: Elaine TaylorBrown
Monday, September 26th 2011 at 5:43PM
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If he hits you once
He'll hit you twice
He'll beat you again and again
He'll cry and he'll swear that
He would not dare
But soon you will see
Your scars back they will be
You must love yourself
Or you may visit your death
By the same man that holds you
And kiss you and scolds you
Your grave might just be in the sea

I know what itís like
To be beat with my crutches
While I wore a cast on my leg
And to watch him supposedly
Fix a glass of liquor
Which landed in my face instead
But I saved my money
While the neighbors thought it was funny
That I was still at the house
But I bought my time
And paved my way
Thank God I finally got out

The way that I did
I took a long look in the mirror
And I did not like what I saw
His punching bag I had became
And a dog to my mother in law

But I decided one day that I loved myself
More than I loved anyone else
And I packed my bags and refused to die
A battered statistic on a shelf

I decided one day that loving myself
Is the greatest love of all
I picked myself up with the help of the Lord
Who keeps me from all of lifeís falls

He gave the strength to forget the things
That were so close behind
I looked to the hills from which came all of my help
And thank God I made it out in time

So many pieces of me were all gone
But down in my bosom I had a phone
I prayed and I prayed with all of my might
He gave me the strength to stand up and fight
I went back to school and I went back to work
I helped others too as I grew in the church
And now Iím a teacher a singer and a writer
Because of his word I am strong and a fighter

So if you think that you have to stay
In an abusive relationship
With broken arms and broken legs
And self esteem thatís ripped
Realize that if you donít love yourself
Then no one else will
And God is the only one greater than you
To command peace to be still

There is a place that you can go
Yes I have been there too
It is a shelter of new beginnings
A brand new life for you

Now if you think you donít need help
Just visit the worldwide web
And look at the women killed by their spouses
That refused to leave their houses
He passed by you polluted and all
And he is here to save
Heíll give you peace that passes all understanding
And keep you from an early grave.

Wednesday, October 12th 2011 at 3:58PM
Elaine TaylorBrown
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