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Whitney Houston
On August 9th a miracle birthed in 1963
Oh what a blessed life did bloom
Of joy complete in thee
Thank you my love for so much joy
You brought my way and so
Iím sorry and very sad my love
To see you had to go

How selfish of me oh yes my dear
For God knows best for thee
Youíve endured such pain
You need much rest
We have no right to hold you see

For even through each note
You wretched your soul
With such great gift you did unfold
And now you rest on street of gold
I long to think of thee
And now my child just take one bow
You gave this world such love and how
Your smile embrace each note did take
The peace you yielded for all men sake

We canít hold on to you this way
We wonít be selfish now and say
Just go my love and take your rest
You are number one
Always the best

Your shoes my love no one can fill
Your step my dear no not a heel
Your richness now it is so real
Youíre in my heart no one can steal

Bobbi Christina will be alright
God will strengthen her
With all his might
His power dear is in the room
His anointing it will help her fight

For no weapon formed
Against her shall prosper
The devil better not even bother

Ten million prayer warriors
Are all around
Take peace in this child
The devil is bound

I know itís hard and hurtís so bad
And your soul is broken and sad
But mommies not gone
Sheís in your heart
Youíll make it by the help of God
elaine taylorbrown
Posted By: Elaine TaylorBrown
Tuesday, February 14th 2012 at 3:51PM
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